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Last night I came across TWO hawt dark chaps. I almost took ’em back to my place to copulate their brains out but I had a doctor’s appointment to get my pregnancy results back. My uterus is still naked but luckily I detected some other TWO dark boys to come over and brandish me what they’re packing. I do not need to tell you that it was not the size of these mini sausages white 10-Pounder woods have. Jon Jon wasn’t making adore today as this chab pounded my white slit without mercy with that astronomical black shlong that petticoat chaser has. Let us just say that Jon Jon must have not rogered not long ago since this chab discharged the Mama of all cumshots with their target being my uterus. I said Mo to keep his ramrod in his trousers until we met so I would be confident a healthy dose of vitamin c-u-m so I can hopefully have that darksome baby I’ve wanted so badly. I’m thinking of getting a tattoo right over my white slit that reads "property of dark bucks only". Why would I do that? Just view this scene for yourself and see how my a-hole belonged to Jon Jon and Mo Money.
Property Of Dark Men Property Of Dark-skinned Men

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