Massive Cream In My Pie

Massive Man-juice In My Pie Massive Jism In My Pie
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Back anew this week with one more double interracial spunk pie session! After final week’s double afro-cream injection, I was sure I lastly hit the dark baby lottery. I did the ordinary squat and pee on the stick, expecting for the right color to appear, but alas, no blue joy! So what’s a black strapon whore to do? What else, go identify some more semen donors! This week I decided to bring in the enormous hitters. My line-up…first at bat, Brian Pumper , the semen dumper. They do not call him Pumper for no thing! This chab is like a pumptruck, when this stud reels out that darksome tights, that smooth operator can put out any fire. Pumper is known for overshooting the mark when that buck blasts, and the low Lothario on the totem pole receives to wipe the splatters off the wall, or mop up the floor. This time I am making sure none of this gloppy goodness goes to waste as I keep that chubby nozzle jammed into my ductwork, hoping to discover one of ’em eggs I’ve been keeping around for an interracial DNA party. Batting cleanup is Hooks, who ought to be called "off the hooks" for the jumbo-sized, legendary spunk blasts he’s known for. No one knows how he keeps his chaps in training, but I’m marvelous sure one of his cum-volcanos could fill up an elephant wet crack! I’ll begin off mouthing those darksome snakes, and I’ll even surprise Pumper with a little oral job expedition up his dark hole to watch if tickling his prostrate with mytongue helps acquire more of his swimmers into the competition. Yeah, it is a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it! Bring on the meat, and receive ready for a treat! Stay posted for the results, and until next time… XOXOXOXOXOXXO
Massive Man cream In My Pie Massive Goo In My Pie

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