Lapping Up The Black Seed

Lapping Up The Black Seed Lapping Up The Dark Seed
Lapping Up The Dark Seed @
Sebastian’s is on thin ice with me. I had him find a darksome skirt chaser to bring over for me to play with. I didn’t await him to come through for me since that ladies man cant even go out for milk in a timely manner. Imagine my surprise as a dark thug by the name of "Hooks" walked in my door. That man resembles the kind of dark fellow who would rob u at gunpoint but the sight of my white pussy had him thinking other things. My cuckold did well so I allowed him to check out as Hooks went to town on my throat and cum-hole. He watched in amazement as I made noises with that dark guy that I at not time make with him and that needle meat-thermometer of his. The only thing that Lothario was expert to manage was pulling his tiny rod as I rode up and down that 3rd leg of Hooks. Did I mention that Hooks blasted numerous extra loads on me?Yeah, my white pussy is that fine. My little white charmer couldn’t get inflexible for me and couldn’t pop for me as well. I shouldn’t be shocked. This gent is white after all.
Lapping Up The Dark-skinned Seed Lapping Up The Black Seed
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