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Greetings boyz and girls and bois! You know what time it is, cause u know where you’re at: SpringWorld! And u know *why* u know you’re in my world? Cause we have another whiteboy today! His name is Cuckboi, and love all naive cuckbois, that skirt chaser is packing a large mature 4 inch log. Wow! Can u imagine all the joy he gives his hotty with all that meat? Hee hee. I’m so mean. I am sorry. Actually, I am. But you know you love it! Max shags me today in front of cuckboi, and Max is adore 12 or 13, and trust me, it fills me to the brim! U know what that silly negro did to me this week? Well, when that man pulled out to make a mess all over me, well, there was not much of a mess…cause u know why. This charmer blew in me! UGH! Now what am I plan to do…but work out a name for my baby and let my inexperienced cuckboi please himself as a award for a job well earned. Congrats cuckboi! U came more than Max did…um, that’s, the second time Max came! XOXO – Spring
Another Silly Cuckold Another Inexperienced Cuckold
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