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Some ask if the carpet matches the drapes. Others call it "The Fire Down Below". I’ll call her dumb slut. Or stoopid slut. Cause that is what she is! She even calls herself a whore! LOL. Vixen. That babe is from the Midwest. Minnesota, to be exact. Minneapolis, to be exact. Techincally, Saint Anthony Village, to be exact! That’s why her skin’s so milky white and pale! Like mine! Cause we’re one as well as the other Minnesota Darksome Jock Bitches! I did not even indeed must convert Hotty. This babe was all over Jason Brown’s dark monster dick. I mean she loved it! I dunno what that babe loved more…his mammoth penis, or licking with tongue his giant wad of cum all over my booty after this dude blasted it worthy! I am sure you are going to love it, also! XOXO – Ruthie.

Vixen Vixen

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