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Hi lads, let me tell u about the time that my girlfriend, Trinity Post, and I had a slumber party that turned very DARK-SKINNED, ROTFL. We were playing with a fortune teller and it told that I had to engulf on Shorty Mac. Who is Shorty Mac? He’s a dark Lothario with a 10-Pounder the size of a TWO liter bottle of soda. I am always sharing thick dark-skinned shlong with my girlfriends engulf Trinity and I prevented the game in order to commence playing with Shorty’s abnormally-sized dark ding-dong. She sucked on it as I stuffed his large sack in my mouth and it wasn’t also lengthy previous to I had him all the way inside me…….balls unfathomable! Holy shit, that fucking thing is so big and it felt like I was giving birth to another dark-skinned baby and Trinity was a champ as well since this babe took it all the way. I was hoping Shorty’s man-juice wouldn’t dry up as it traveled from his astronomical sack throughout his corpulent penis and I wasn’t disappointed. This chab blasted Trinity’s white little face as had sufficient for my gaping arsehole. This is one slumber party where there was absolutely no sleeping at all!

Trinity Post Trinity Post

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