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The Juke Joint The Juke Joint
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Greetings Gang! Hey, I got to question for ya! Ever look up the word "juke joint" in the dictionary? Well, if u did, here’s what you’d find: juke joint – n : a diminutive roadside establishment in the southeastern United States where you can eat and drink and dance to music provided by a jukebox. Yeah, you’ve observed this place previous to…I took my friend Violet here to get a smack of a colored man’s 10-Pounder. Well, this time it was Saturday afternoon, I was bored, so I went back to my beloved roadside establishment for some food, drink, and some black knob! I guess they should put that into the definition. In fact, let’s pretend you are reading the Spring World Dictionary. Here’s how it would go – juke joint n : a miniature roadside establishment in the southeastern United States where u can eat and swallow and suck and fuck niggahs any old time of the day or night! LMAO! Oh yea, this time I detect two aged pals playing pool, and the next thing you know the balls aren’t slapping the rails…they’re slapping my white booty! Speaking of arse, those stupid negroes forgot how *tight* mine is, and no matter how much lube they used, or how many fingers they jammed up my wazoo to "warm it up", there was not quite no way these massive dongs were invading my colon! At least they drain about a gallon of black seed all over my cute little face! U pervy bastards should *love* that!!! Hee hee ; – ) N’Joy! And see ya next week!! XOXOXOXOXXOOXXOOXXOXO — Spring
The Juke Joint The Juke Joint
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