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Nicole Moore Nicole Moore
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Let me tell you all an interesting story. I went to Charlie and Ice’s abode for our weekly meeting since they’re the one and the other on parole. It is my job to make sure those worthwhile youthful dark-skinned boyz aren’t up to no good and on the str8 and narrow. They flaked on me so I not quite had ’em sent back to jail when I used a little blackmail on them. You watch, if they gave me some dark penis then I could easily forget their parole violation. My girlfriends always told me that dark-skinned schlong is second to none and I wanted to watch for myself if this was true. I nearly ran out of their when I saw that those boyz were packing major ding-dong. Once I got a peek at ’em my love tunnel got instantly juicy and I was on my knees stuffing a paid of large dark weenies down my throat.They took turns making my one time white twat beet red from all the pounding they dished out. I took 2 fat cumshots to the face and have since taken on more dark clients since white wang just doesn’t compare.
Nicole Moore Nicole Moore
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