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Natalia Queen Natalia Queen
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It’s a bright, sunny Saturday afternoon, which means barely-legal Natalia Queen will be poolside, working on her tan. It is too the day her older brother’s business boyfriend, Rico, is swinging by. He’s just secured a fresh camera for their business: videography. Natalia answers the door to let Rico know her brother’s gone all day, "but come in and reveal me your new camera!" Natalia has always had a thing for her older brother’s friends, and Rico’s no exception. Since the abode is empty, this babe is plan to make her move: Natalia says, "take some video of me lap dancing!" and in advance of u know it, she’s popping her ass to the camera, twerking…and undoing her swimsuit top to give Rico a real eyeful! Rico can not assist himself, and honestly, who could? Rico makes a decision to put the new camera to the test, shooting what’s called "P.O.V." porno with his buddy’s lil’ sis!! Natalia can’t make almost certainly of how large it’s, but she does her unsurpassable to fit as much of it in her miniature face hole — and even tinier, bald pussy! "Let’s make it adore a real porno and cum on my face!" cute, little Natalia chirps, her snatch now red for the beating it just took. What else can Rico do, except make her promise not to tell anyone what just happened!
Natalia Queen Natalia Queen

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