Michele James

Michele James Michele James
Michele James @ InterracialPickups.com
It’s a rainy Saturday, and what’s a beauty like Michele James intend to do with her two "fuck buddies"? They’re all doing what most people do those days — eyes glued to cell phones. Except Rob, who’s got his eyes glued to his lap top. Sure enough, this chap is playing some porno, which Ricky urges to identify out. So does Michele! Almost just now, Michele’s saying things like "my knockers look as worthy as hers!" and "I can suck rod more charming than that!" This prompts super-pervert Rob to pull out his digital camera…and his over-sized pecker! "You bucks more nice not share this on the internet!" Michele exclaims, previous to wrapping her mouth around Rob’s large 10-Pounder the superlatively priceless this babe can. Rob’s a "POV" skilled, and sure enough, Ricky is likewise! They’re going to copulate Michele’s warm, luscious throat and eat her fascinating grasp and screw her stupid — capturing all the action P.O.V. style! Ricky holds the digital camera as Rob creampies Michele’s fashionable cookie; Ricky then drops his sex cream all over Michele’s face…and her glasses! See how a camera can turn a rainy day into a Joy Day!?!
Michele James Michele James

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