Me And Sophia

Me And Sophia Me And Sophia
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Look at me and my pal Sophia, in my daddy’s office. We’re just hanging out, savouring our little slumber party, when all of a sudden this fresh kid named Vicious came by. Did I mention that Sophia’s my superlatively fine friend, and I was the one who introduced her to the Force of Darksome Jock? It appears to be adore it was just yesterday that we were in that hottub, and that babe was helping me chill out my booty, and then we were sucking Slim and Bam! You can still see it on my website! In any case, this day Depraved comes by, screws me and Sophia stupid, and blows a big wad on Sophia’s tummy. What’s a valuable black 10-Pounder bitch to do but clean her up with my tounge? Hee hee! So that is exactly what I do…and then me and Sophia seal our friendship with a kiss…a sticky, gooey one! Ewww! HE-HE. XOXO – Spring
Me And Sophia Me And Sophia
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