Maia Davis

Maia Davis Maia Davis
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The smoke filling the lungs of Maia Davis isn’t her solely habit: It’s her addiction to dark-skinned schlongs that indeed acquires her going. Maia is talking to Hooks and this babe tells him that doing a group-sex is next on her to-do list. Hooks, the caring person that that man is, cant be a part of her scheme and is reluctant to aid Maia fulfill her fantasy. Previous to u know it Maia Davis is on her knees and at the whole mercy of a few bigger in size than standard dark rods. There is no black penis that doesn’t fill her mouth until her eyes not quite pop from their sockets. Maia’s first gangbang- interracial, no less- really picks up momentum when she is tossed around like a rag doll and fucked hard. "I’m getting creamy," utters from her throat (when not stuffed with a titanic darksome rod), and u receive a better picture of the sort of dark shlong slut we’re dealing with. Hooks and co. stretch her slit out to the diameter of a basket ball and her face meets each ounce of pork sauce they can dish out. Maia Davis left the place with an interracial group-sex below her thong and a bawdy cleft that is now of restrictions to white boys.
Maia Davis Maia Davis
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