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Lilly LaBeau Lilly LaBeau
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I remember when I was in school and we’d study about African’s being enslaved to white folks. Unfathomable down I was sad and vowed to do my part to make it right. Fast forward a slight in number years and I’m going to offer my dick mouthing talent for a gang of dark boyz. My parents think I went to my friend’s house for a slumber party but I’m truly in "The Hood". I was skilled to sneak out my sexiest outfit in order to guarantee that no darksome shlong would be cushioned. I went down the row of hot dark bulls previous to they disrobed me; after that it was time to receive it on! I slurped on all the larger than standard dark dicks pushed into my face. I was gagging, spitting,jerking and choking as if they were the last dark jocks I’d ever must play with. When I was not sucking one I would be jerking him off during the time that my funbags and a-hole were being played with. My mascara was starting to run as well as my lipstick (which was now painted on each and every dark-skinned pecker in the room). I begged and pleaded with ’em to not hold back when they took turns shooting their gunk on my face. It felt love I was in a shower that was only spitting out darksome goo and pretty soon they all had empty darksome balls. I can only hope to come back and alleviate even more of their pain.
Lilly LaBeau Lilly LaBeau
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