Julias Ceazher And Mark

Julias Ceazher And Mark Julias Ceazher And Mark
Julias Ceazher And Mark @ CandyMonroe.com
I feel bad for our cuckold this day, Mark. First off, he’s white so that’s strike number 1. Much love all white boy’s he is lacking in the ramrod size department so there is strike #2. Much adore the white man’s curse this chab can not keep his itty bitty pee pee unyielding so that is strike number THREE and he’s screwed as far as hooking up with me,Candy Monroe, is concerned. I brought in an inflatable 10-Pounder which is about the size of one of Mark’s hips and has an IQ which rivals his. I was getting disgusted just being in the same room as Mark so I brought in Julius Ceazher to fill the hole betwixt my legs. This Lothario got my white vagina all warm and creamy with his footlong dark shlong which must be as wide as a soda can but much more filling, hehehe. I was bent in ways I at not time thought possible to allow that bulky ebon ramrod access to my mouth and twat at any angle. I hope the sight of pleasuring black penis burned a permanent image into Mark’s head since this chab was a witness to something he’d not ever be experienced to participate in….interracial sex!
Julias Ceazher And Mark Julias Ceazher And Mark

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