Jean Claude And TJ

Jean Claude And TJ Jean Claude And TJ
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Take a fine check out my obese funbags. Don’t u like how they sway back and forth. What about my vagina? Do u adore how it receives wetter and wetter by the second? Don’t you wanna just come over and screw me inexperienced? Well, u can………….not unless you’re a hung darksome skirt chaser who doesn’t pop in 3 seconds. TJ makes his less than triumphant return to my Den of Doom and his knob hasn’t gotten any larger since our final encounter. It got me so banging concupiscent knowing that this chab couldn’t copulate me and this chab was so close yet so far away. I could not take it any longer and my French paramour, Jean Claude, put his king-size Eiffel Tower right into my love canal during the time that TJ viewed in fascination. I sucked his bigger in size than standard darksome weenie all the way to the balls and not quite tossed my vaginas, ROTFL. That was not sufficient since my juicy vagina is open 24/7 for fat dark-skinned dick. I suppose TJ was fondling his millimeter dong as I was getting pounded but I am not shocked since that is common with loser cuckolds. Another common trait of sissy fellow cuckolds is their adore (or so it appears) of cleaning darksome sperm off of me in a timely manner.
Jean Claude And TJ Jean Claude And TJ

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