Ice His Balls

Ice His Balls Ice His Balls
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It is Spring Time Baby! Yea yea! So…I wanna make something clear: All I read these days is how "predictable" my web page is, and how I solely take loads to the face, and do the same positions, and bladda-bladda-bladda-blah. Well, Sissies For Spring doesn’t dis me (Hello Dan!) and the all-new Church of Spring Thomas doesn’t dis me (on your knees Echo!) But to all the haters out there who wanna dis me 24/7…well, u can feast your eyes on this week’s update! Summer Lynn – a true dark ramrod whore if I ever saw one – came by my studio the other day, and while we were sat around the set, she decided to bring me a little gift: a Whiteboi! (Oh, little is a wonderful word to describe him…LOL) So, I decided to bring out my gift – Unfathomable Threat! He’s a fresh niggah in city, and they don’t call him Unfathomable Threat for nothin’!!! Once u feel his 9.5 inches unfathomable in your vagina, u know gals, you know! Then, I had to treat for Whiteboi – this fellow gotta view me and SUmmer shag Unfathomable Threat…while his puny balls sitting on a daybed of ice. Ouchie! Lad, that kept him chilly during our sexy hot scene! Oh…the ending is great! No, I didn’t receive a load to my face…instead, Unfathomable Threat uploaded into a soup bowl, and me and Summer had ourselves a little snackie-snack! Yum. Certainly the website of that made Whiteboi lose his nut. It was so weak, and so clear, and so runny. I mean I don’t even think you can call that "semen", let alone a "load" or a "wad". LMAO! Oh well, Whiteboi was worth smth…he left his credit card with us after that stud went home! Cha-Ching! : – )~~~~ XOXOXO – Spring!
Ice His Balls Ice His Balls
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