Harmoni Kalifornia

Harmoni Kalifornia Harmoni Kalifornia
Harmoni Kalifornia @ BlacksOnBlondes.com
The Queen of Spades. It is more than just a playing card in a 52-card deck. It’s a lifestyle. For these of you who’ve not ever heard of it beyond a card game, The Queen of Spades is a white chicks who has dedicated her life to BBC. You’ll know a true Q of Spades by the tattoo, usually located on the nape of the neck — or her back. Harmoni Kalifornia is an internet legend; in fact, you probably already know who this babe is…which means, u know she’s a True Queen of Spades. And today, she’s just hanging out in LA and contemplating for smth to happen when Shane Diesel spots Harmoni, flying her tat in public. That chap even has to give the juvenile Bull Isiah Maxwell a Queen of Spades lesson, and then, back at the crib, it does truly go down. Being the true Queen that that babe is, Harmoni asked for more, so why not toss Jack Napier into the mix? U know her white partner will be jerking his dinky to this epic scene!
Harmoni Kalifornia Harmoni Kalifornia
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