Estelle Estelle
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I had this little English whore named Estelle over for a workout. I’m her personal coach. I showed her how to work the pec deck, and the ab machine, and the bench cram, and just when she thought she had enough, I had Boz come over for a little more training. Darksome Rod Whore Training! Estelle went wild for Boz’s over-sized dark 10-Pounder. What girl would not lose their mind over 13 inches of Darksome Delight? Her eyes rolled into the back of her eyes as Boz railed her constricted, Dark-skinned 10-Pounder Virgin cum-hole. Boz broke her cherry, so to speak, and I heard that babe just not lengthy ago broke up with her white boyfriend! Sorry Charlie! HAHAHA — those are the dangers of letting your beauty play with Ruthie! XOXO

Estelle Estelle

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