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Christina Skye Christina Skye
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Adore my homey Ice Cube told, "Today was a admirable day." I awoke knowing that my personal ATM machine, some white boy who can’t live with out hookers, would be coughing up a few Benjamins. I make almost certainly of a business deal should go down smoothly and with out problems. His like of my hoes has got him a debt that solely the threat of an ass-whoopin’ can give a decision. We went back to his place so the cops would not catch me slicing him from ear to ear but his Mommy was home. I could watch the fear in her eyes as this babe saw the face of a black man who’s observed the inside of a prison wall a pair of times. After some debate this babe began flirting with me as her little boy’s face showed that he’d sooner crawl into a aperture and die than check out me stick her full of dark-skinned cock. As a reasonable charmer I’d wipe the debt off since her mouth could not prevent from bouncing up and down on my thick darksome flagpole. The slut nearly puked all over my jock as that wanna-be Beaver Cleaver viewed his momma engage in some naughty interracial sex. I must have hit that uterus a billion times during the time that my dark-skinned balls kept the attack on her luscious love button. Her chubby bumpers kept jiggling the more my darksome ding-dong devastated the place where this chab came with out years agone. I needed to drop all of my cream down her throat which ensured this loser cracker would not at any time, ever shag with my specie another time!
Christina Skye Christina Skye
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