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Bailey Bliss Bailey Bliss
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It appears to be adore every single day a stupid whore comes to Porno Land to be the next Jenna Jameson. Or the next Ruth Blackell. HAHAHAHAH. Anyways, everyone say howdy to this week’s Stoopid Slut, Bailey Bliss. Bailey came all the way from Ohio…or Indiana…or Chicago…or some place like that…got off the bus in Porno Land, thought this babe had what it takes to receive porked by foot-long black meat-thermometer, and guess what? This babe couldn’t cut the mustard. Take a look at her facial expressions this day, right after my ally Justin sticks his wine-bottle sized knob into her miniature pink hole. A pink aperture that’s had the same 5 inch white weenie in it, over and over. So when I push her head on a colossal black knob, it simply took her breath away. They don’t grow ’em like that on white lads, do they Horny? HAHAHAH. Chalk up Bailey as another converted bitch. Oh, and she ran back home nearly immediately after this scene…and guess who’s all done in a relationship with white boys back home? HAHAHAHAHAHA. MWAH!! XOXO – Ruthie.

Bailey Bliss Bailey Bliss

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