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The close knit apartment building my hubby and I live in is about to be the reason my bawdy cleft is sore. We live on top of Flash Browna dn I have been watching him as that gent comes and goes from his unti. Normally, he’s bringing white angels back with him and that is made me super jealous. I traipsed up on Flash as he was on the steps and made some miniature talk with him. One thing lead to another and I dropped the bomb that my boyfriend’s urge was to check out me get screwed by a large, dark rod. Who more good to fulfill that desire than Flash Brown? The solely catch was that it would have to be taped and for our eyes only. Flash was hesitant but the force of white fur pie is too convincing. We went back to my place and my husband called as things were getting on their way. I unzipped Flash’ shorts and my heart skipped a few beats. I sucked down on that big, dark ramrod as the red light kept flashing on the digital camera. My bonk box was soaking wet at the thought of interracial sex so I jumped on that humungous black pole. Flash did his foremost to keep the camera steady as his thunder rod sluggishly disappeared into my uterus. I was getting wetter and wetter at the thought of showing my smooth operator what Flash had done to my cookie. Flash, to his credit, held onto that digi camera as hard as my bawdy cleft lips were wrapped around his thick, dark-skinned wang. The tape was about to run out of the digi camera so I dropped to my knees for a blast of Flash’ funk juice. I hope my hubby appreciates exactly how much I like him. Then some other time, I enjoyed myself as well.
Aria Aspen Aria Aspen
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