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Alena Croft Alena Croft
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Step-moms can be a wench. U probably know this already. Take Alena’s fresh step-son, Trent. That dude knows this all too well. Trent’s already caught his fresh step-mom cheating on his daddy…and with a dark petticoat chaser, no less! The only thing that makes matters worse is Trent’s fetish. See, this chap is an unabashed voyeur, and isn’t it laughable how step-moms know so much? She knew Trent’s a little perv, so this babe cut the deal: let me have my fix of BBC, and I’ll let you jerk your winky and observe. In fact, if Trent’s a "good little boy", that dude acquires rewarded. So kick back and check out as Alena allows Trent to jack his dinky all over step-mommy’s extra-large billibongs. Sounds love a good deal to me!
Alena Croft Alena Croft
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