Alana Cruise

Alana Cruise Alana Cruise
Alana Cruise @
Alana Cruise is about to celebrate her birthday with a gangbang (pardon the pun), and this babe has no idea how bigger than standard the group sex is plan to be! Her pervy step-son, Cody, knows what kind of a cheatin’, dark-skinned jock floozy his dad married! They even have a pact: Cody keeps his throat shut about all the cheating, and Alana makes sure to funnel some of Daddy’s specie Cody’s way…for things like car insurance and weekend carousing. One as well as the other Alana and Cody are a little frustrated with Daddy this day, as he’s without town (afresh) on a business trip. And on Alana’s birthday! Cody indeed sees it as an opportunity, so this chab put an classified advert out on the internet (doxy M.I.L.F. seeks gang bang with black boys) and the rest, they say, is history! Cody could not believe all the responses, and that guy invited four to come sing cheerful birthday and relish some of Alana’s "cake". All three holes are open, fellahs! Let us make her airtight!
Alana Cruise Alana Cruise
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Olivia Austin

Olivia Austin Olivia Austin
Olivia Austin @
Olivia Austin is at the photographer’s studio…the same studio we Melissa Moore visited a scarcely any months agone. Olivia’s here to receive some "personal" photos, and this babe urges ’em done professionally. She is picked out one of her sexiest outfits, and, truth be said, she’s looking for more than accomplished pics. Olivia’s looking for a skilled dick-down, and the photographer — a gracious, hung darksome dude — is just her type. Her slit is already soaked before the photo session even starts (look how inflexible her teats are during the consultation!), and it doesn’t take long previous to she is got the photographer’s oversized dick stuffed in her face hole. Talk about a valuable stuffing, her cunt’s stretched it the max as the photographer is banging her, and then Olivia’s back on her knees for a greater than run of the mill swallow! No surprises there…unless you are Olivia’s husband! This stud cant even acquire a BJ anymore!!!
Olivia Austin Olivia Austin

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Harley Jade

Harley Jade Harley Jade
Harley Jade @
She is slim. She’s blonde. She’s a PAWG. She’s Harley Jade, and with this scene, she’s making her Dogfart first appearance! She’s a Size Queen, also, which means she’s always got her eye on the Dark Chap. With Flash Brown, we have given her the size this babe needs in order to be fucked properly. After welcoming Harley into his bedroom, Flash had Harley drop to her knees in dictate to warm up his 11-inch schlong. Flash returns the favor, working Harley’s hot, pink twat with his tongue previous to plunging balls-deep. Watch the expression on her face! That is what happens when a mistress is stretched to the limit. Flash bangs this little, white snow bunny all sorts of ways before dropping his nut all over Harley’s marvelous face. What’s left for this little black shlong whore? Finding out if Flash is obtainable next week for another 10-Pounder down, of course!
Harley Jade Harley Jade
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Silvio And Shane

Silvio And Shane Silvio And Shane
Silvio And Shane @
This week’s dark-skinned ding-dong training session equals 22 inches or so…hee hee. And what a eager place! We discovered this mountainous room where this crazy white woman chaser has a *giant* toy teach setup, one of the very utmost in Georgia…or anywhere in the Great South, for that matter. It’s actually more than a teach set…it’s like a little city! There is even little people in around the trains…even *Negros*! (We decided the negros do *all* the work in the tiny town while the whites just relish life…LOL) The ladies man who let us discharge at his abode loved the idea we use his teach room and receive this — that man was a *total* perv, too! While the dark-skinned lads were fucking me stupid, this chab sitting in the back, with his petite white pee pee in his hands, whacking it love a monkey in the zoo! After I attempted my hardest to acquire those 2 monster ramrods down my face hole, they took turns screwing the shit outta my little white vagina! Those niggahs went mad! Then Silvio decided it was time to jam it up my caboose! Hee hee. Thank GAWD for all the anal training! Even though Silvio’s got a 10 incher, I was adept to handle it for a bit…until it finally took my breath away. And what these two c-r-a-z-y nigggahs did to me at the end should be outlawed…and I bet it is in some places!!! I mean, I am coated, and my backdoor was without commission for *at least* 72 hours! Oh WOW!!! And here’s the finest part…after the niggahs railed me, Whitey wanted to lick me clean…and that this woman chaser did…off digital camera! 😉
Silvio And Shane Silvio And Shane
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Emily Evermoore

Emily Evermoore Emily Evermoore
Emily Evermoore @
Ice brought me one of his new bitches today so I could give her some dark jock training lessons. He’s pimpin’ Emily Evermore. She’s a filthy fuckin doxy. Today I helped unveil her how to indeed copulate a darksome dude so this babe can acquire on the street and make him some decent specie.

Emily Evermoore Emily Evermoore

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Black Cock Training

Black Meat-thermometer Training Black Ding-dong Training
Darksome Ramrod Training @
This week’s update was a very important training session. See, in instruct to be a true dark-skinned schlong bitch, u have to declare your like of the thick, long, powerful dark adore muscle to the whole world, and that is exactly what I did here. This update took *a lot* of work in the editing booth, cause, you watch…we did this scene IN A PUBLIC PLACE, where ANYONE could stumble upon us banging and sucking (and a scarcely any did 😉 Adore I said, declaring your like of darksome jock in front of the world is very important, and I did it here! Don’t get me wrong…we were in a secluded place, away from all Atlanta’s traffic, but still in a place we could possibly get nailed. And several gotta watch me and Malcolm Y go at it! You can see their cars parked in the lot!!! (We had to edit the people out…like I told, tons of work). One pair got soooo lustful they lent us the use of their vehicle to shag against so they could watch it on the website! Yipee! So much pleasure…and this week’s jock is the thickest I have tried to swallow yet…it was solely 9 inches lengthy, but it was as thick as a bottle! WOW! YUM! And now the whole world knows my adore for thick, strong black weenie. Have enjoyment watching! Spring.
Black Penis Training Black Schlong Training
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Selena Santana

Selena Santana Selena Santana
Selena Santana @
Former contract star Selena Santana is one hot piece of fetching Latin chick gazoo. Just view her! Selena trickle sexualtiy, and she’s a black cuck floozy. She urges size, so who better to team Selena up with than the legend — Mandingo. After stuffing her face hole full of black rod, "Dingo" proceeds to wreck her tiny pussy with his 14 inch slab of meat. How this skinny tart takes it all is beyond me! Dingo unloads his testicles all over her face and chest in advance of leaving her for someone’s sloppy seconds…but u know the way this goes. One time any lady experiences a true BBC, there is no thing left to satisfy them!
Selena Santana Selena Santana
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Jade Jantzen

Jade Jantzen Jade Jantzen
Jade Jantzen @
on’t let the term "Licensed Rubdown Therapist" fool u, and the next time your wife has her "LMT" over to give her a weekly rubdown, you might urge to think about what’s actually going down. Take Jade Jantzen, for example. She’s claimed that babe is a "stressed" housewife, but, in reality, that babe is bored. One time a week, her LMT comes over for a "therapy session", which always begin out talented. But once the towel comes off covering her bra buddies, it is solely a matter of time in advance of the one comes off covering her cum-hole and bottom. Then, it is on. Meatballs turn into mangos, cum-hole into snatch, and her a-hole is getting invaded by BBC. This babe doesn’t even suck your meat-thermometer or let u gangbang her arse anymore! Do not be fooled, either, with the phone conversations! It is going down, and the way your excited wife is getting group drilled out (hard/fast) is why all that stress is indeed gone by the time her LMT is gone!
Jade Jantzen Jade Jantzen
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Riley Nixon

Riley Nixon Riley Nixon
Riley Nixon @
It’s Christmas, and part of that is supposed to mean trying to guess what’s below the tree! It’s certainly on Lexington Steele’s mind. He’s just returning from a business tour when this chab notices not solely the mysterious, larger than average gift under his tree…but it appears to be to be moving, and there’s sounds coming from insides. Squishy little whimpers, indeed, which makes Lex think it is a new puppy. This charmer cant await anymore, so this petticoat chaser opens the box to find the foremost gift ever — a Snowbunny! Her name’s Riley Nixon, and Lex doesn’t give a shit where the gift came from…he’s rogering her. Eating her constricted, white vagina. Mouthing on her nice-looking, all-natural breasts. Shoving his monster rod in her throat. And then finishing up with a bigger in size than run of the mill load deposited right into her now-swollen, mellow twat. What’s next? Put her back in the box and reiterate on Christmas Day!
Riley Nixon Riley Nixon
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Meet Candy Monroe

Meet Candy Monroe Meet Candy Monroe
Meet Candy Monroe @
I invited my friend Candy Monroe over to my pad to display her what it’s love to engulf some ghetto rod. I introduced that bimbo to dark pecker. Showed her how to take the humongous dark cocks in the fucking world. Now that babe is a total an entire dark-skinned pecker floozy / cuckold queen, humiliating her white boyfriends and making them eat dark cum. I love that floozy. Inspect her site at

Meet Candy Monroe Meet Candy Monroe

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Big Black Cock Boz

Big Darksome Dick Boz Big Dark Penis Boz
Large Dark-skinned Ding-dong Boz @
Look who woke me from an afternoon nap! It is one of my original big-dick niggahs Boz!! I adore to call him "Mr. 13". Hmmmm…wonder why? 😉 Boz is such a treat to screw, and ladies man…can he! This guy is way better than the bigger than typical glass sextoy I kick off this scene with. One of the great things about Boz is how long this chab can maintain that titanic rock hard cock *without* the assist of any silly ol’ blue pills 🙂 Buck he truly gave me a workout this week! We even attempted to acquire that darksome monster knob up my booty, and, for a second, we did! I’m so gratified of myself! And see the hirez pix! Charmer did I man juice that niggah’s pecker!!! LOL…but the ending is one I know you’ll all like. I can not keep those niggah loads out of my pussy. After all, any priceless black cock floozy will tell u this: getting a taut white cum-hole pumped full of a titanic wad of darksome cum is as good as it acquires! (Unless there’s a white dude there to clean me out…hee hee 🙂 After blasting about 8 ropes of cum into me, a little ooozes out. What a sticky mess! Maybe one of my members can take up with the tongue me clean next time? Interested?? Just e-mail! 🙂 XOXOX — Spring
Big Darksome 10-Pounder Boz Big Dark Dick Boz
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India’s First Black Cock

India India
India’s 1st Darksome Weenie @
Today I have India Summer here. She’s a rogering indecent whore. This day we’re going to break her in to some dark schlong. Plan to break that floozy in & treat her love the bawdy little floozy this babe is. I need to admit, for not at all having had a dark dong in advance of, this babe sure knew how to work it. She took Ace’s load love a champ, however this babe lost some of his cum on her chin, so I took a spoon & fed it to her to make sure she swallowed every drop of spunk.

India India

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